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There is also a newsletter dedicated solely to Dentists and Dental
Hygienists who want to be up to date with all our news, but above all to
know all the background of our company.

The NEWSLETTER is called #geldistuesday and arrives every Tuesday at 2 pm.

Fill out the contact form below to receive the sample material at your dental clinic.



Frequent questions

Samples are shipped every 3 months. You do not have to recompile the form multiple times. Once in the database, the material is returned automatically.

If you have any questions about the schedule, keep in mind that we constantly update our Instagram and Facebook page, so to not miss any updates, follow us there!

Yes, the sample material is sent to the offices free of charge.

The sampling leaves our warehouses every 3 months.

If you complete the form just once, the material will continue to arrive at your dental practice without having to compile it again.

When we send the samples we publish it on social networks (Instagram and Facebook) and we also specify it in the NEWSLETTER on Tuesday dedicated to dental clinics.

If, for example, you filled out the form for the first time a week after the samples left the warehouse, you may have to wait 2 1/2 months before receiving them.

No problem, send us an email to to communicate the change of address, so that we can update your details.

Of course! We have a price list dedicated to professionals, with increasing discounts depending on the quantities purchased. Within the orders we also insert free promotional material and we give the possibility of creating personalized bags with the logo of the dental clinic printed to be filled with the products that you want to supply to your patients!

You can send us an email to inserting in the Subject: request professional discount code.
In the text of the email, also write us your first and last name, or the name of the dental clinic to which you want to associate the discount code.

By completing the contact form, the subscription to the Newsletter is done automatically. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking Unsubscribe at the bottom of the email you receive.