It was a dark and stormy night…
February 2016: a light blanket of frost covers the grass, the pale winter sun is calmly setting down beyond the hills and there’s a strange electricity all around… can you feel it too?
Change is in the air.
In the kitchen of a house, the light is on and the gears of two brains run fast, it’s almost impossible to keep up with them.
These two people with overcrowded synapses are Federico and Alice, founders of Kalipharm: they are young, they want to change things up, they have that light in the eyes that only true creativity and a little bit of madness (crucial to start any great adventure) can give.
That night, at that table, in that suspended moment, Geldis was born … and from that time on, nothing was the same again.

Our team



True crime, red lipstick and a bunch of pistachios



Mountains, neon socks and endless chocolate bars

Chiara_1600x1600 (1)


Communication and Social Media
Lots of books, a Paper Kites song, and a sip of cedrata.
Chiara oversees all Geldis Social Media and takes care of Communication with customers and professionals.
Superpower: the right words at the right time!



Logistics and Customer Care
Chocolate croissants, pink shoes and the Greek sea.
Martina pampers Geldis customers, carefully preparing their shipments.
And if something unexpected happens, she steps in immediately.
Superpower: problem solving!



Travel, table soccer and lots of curls.
Valeria takes care of Dentists and Dental Hygienists, telling them about the world of Geldis and keeping them updated on what’s new.
Every now and then some spoilers slip out!
Superpower: endless chat!



Export Manager
Venezuelan blood and impeccable style.
Federika cares for Geldis outside of Italy.
Superpower: Talkative in all languages except Italian!



In one word: hurricane!
Eleonora is a unique energy concentrate, we still have to find the button to turn her off (if she has one!).
Superpower: She takes the sun wherever she goes!



Marketing Intern
Milanese by choice.
She’s always looking for beauty, everywhere.
She got half of her arm tattooed, but she often forgets about it.
Chiara nicknamed her “Santa Marta”



HR and Administration
aka “the one who keeps order”
At soccer, she’s better than a pro.
She always wears a smile on her face and carries the right amount of curiosity.
She keeps everyone on track.

As Willy Wonka used to say “A certain frivolity, from time to time, helps a man to live with charm”.
Ciò che ci spinge a creare prodotti innovativi e belli è proprio la voglia di meravigliare e rincorrere lo stupore.
I nostri clienti meritano di ricevere prodotti unici e creati con passione e dedizione.

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